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Spagnol Legal concentrates on assisting clients to increase cash flow expeditiously without jeopardising the strong reputation of its client's.  In providing debt recovery solutions, Spagnol Legal understands it must maintain a high recovery rate which requires logistic and legal expertise.

As in all business, the costs incurred by a service provider are always passed onto its customer.   Where a service provider can reduce costs, that saving can be passed onto the customer or the business can increase its profit margins.  Spagnol Legal has created a system where its costs are at a minimum without sacrificing service levels. This is achieved by;

  • understanding the client, the client's objectives and priorities

  • adapting the best process available to achieve the client's goals

  • ensuring that clients do not pay for services that are not required to achieve their goals

  • focusing on results whilst mitigating reputational risk

  • incurring disbursements conservatively

  • applying a fixed rate costs structure where   appropriate

Spagnol Legal focuses on growing its business at a steady rate and is determined to provide high quality service to each of its clients.  

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